My Heart   


Dedicated to the soulful beat of my life -- My beloved Wife

If my son is my soul, and connection to the infinite, then my wife is my Heart, and my path to compassion and love. If it wasn’t for my wife I would have made a mess of my life long ago, her grace has saved me like a shield against my demons when I am too weary to  carry on. I love her beyond words, and beyond reason. She is my reason to be a better me. I am honored to love her. And this holds true more than every after 15 years together. Thank you my dearest love.

My Wife

    I owe so much of my life, my happiness, and my growth to her. She has been instrumental in allowing me to find my own path, slow to anger and never judging me for my choices. She believes in me, even when I do not believe in myself. She challenges me to reach for greatness, while reminding me to keep my feet on the ground. She has gently led me to find God, and allowed me to grow in my belief. Her beauty and grace in our house help to tame the wildness of me and my son, and when it comes to being a loving, accepting, patient mother, there is none better. To know her is a blessing, but to be loved by her, is simply grace from Heaven.


This picture was taken by our son Hayden when he was 4, and it is one of my favorites.

These are some of my favorite pictures of my wife. She did not choose these.